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  • Rust

    Don't like it. Could live fine without it.

    What makes this such a hard problem for manufacturing to solve? I don't get it.



    My floor pans are now made of 16 guage hmmm as is the strip between them and the rockers.

    Hawk tanks, rockers, cab corners, floor pans, entire Dodge's.. they all disappear because of rust.

    There is no coating, no process that can avoid this?

    My truck I would have told you was rust free untill ken found a hole... Now I'm removing and making everything from the trans tunnel to the rockers.

    It's silly that this is still an issue in 2021.
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.

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    They can solve it. It just isn't cheap. Paint the whole thing with POR-15 and it won't rust. Use aluminum, fiberglass or titanium and it won't rust.
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    1991 Hawk GT


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      Had a similar repair in my old Jeep. Entire section of the floor where the rear-left driver's seat bolt was supposed to go was just ... gone.

      Welded in some scrap metal I had laying around, spray painted it, and bolted the seat down to the new plate.

      20161112_100321.jpg 20161112_163631.jpg 20161112_165127.jpg 20161112_195844.jpg

      It costs the manufacturer a lot less to slap enough preventative coatings on there to last the length of the warranty and then just sell you a new truck than it does for them to actually apply "lifetime" coatings or use more corrosion-resistant materials.

      Plus, we're so used to paying for vehicles that are built to last MAYBE 10 years and 150,000 miles that nobody would pay for something built to last 30 years or more.

      One thing I keep meaning to do is start spraying the undersides of my vehicles with fluid film or CRC or some other kind of coating every year. I just got an undercarriage rinsing attachment for my pressure washer so between oil coating and occasional cleaning hopefully I can keep things from getting much worse. Especially the Land Cruiser - it clearly was driven in the snow and salt and never cleaned or coated over the last 20 years. If I'm gonna make it last 10-20 more I have to start doing something now.
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