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HJC RPHA 11 pro Helmet good price

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  • HJC RPHA 11 pro Helmet good price

    Took the VTR250 out for a ride on Christmas Day. 75F. I needed a summer outfit.

    I got a new Helmet for Christmas HJC RPHA 11 pro

    Great Helmet and great price. I like this dealer.

    Merry Christmas & Happy new year.

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    Nice. What color did you get?

    I LOVE that orange and blue.. . I'm a bit of a sucker for orange and blue.

    Good deals.
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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      That was my last helmet.

      I love how light weight it is. I liked that it came with both clear and tinted visors. I like how the visor locks in the closed position.

      It was a fine helmet in one climate, but when I moved to Portland, I just couldn't handle night time riding through the winter because it fogs up way faster than my Shoeis did. It only came with one pinlock type inner visor which I used at night on the clear visor and left the tinted visor single layered.

      The helmet before was a Shoei RF1200 and the one after is a Shoei RF1400. I'm over-all happier with the Shoei, though.

      I still have the HJC. It was a great helmet aside from the few shortcomings.

      Depending on where you live it's a perfect helmet.

      Edit: after a couple years the cheek pads would pull free from ⅓ red rivets that held it in place. Not the pop-in part, but the slide in part.
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        Congrats on the new lid. That's a killer deal. The RPHA 11 Pro is the helmet I am using. As Parc mentioned, I love how little the helmet weighs, but the visor fogs up easily, especially compared to the Sumoy lids I used to wear.
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          I got the green color. It is much prettier than the photos. The green is more of a hi-vis green color.
          My last helmet was a NEXX which was also light weight. The cheek pads wore out on it also.
          So, I wanted to get back to HJC brand. Being retired, I don't get out much in weather that causes the visor to fog up.

          Happy New Year to All