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Australian postal service rant

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  • Australian postal service rant

    Way back on the 9th of April I ordered and paid for a seat cowl and pillion delete from Fabian
    ​​​​​​I've been trying to be patient given our country went into a very harsh lockdown for basically 2 years and have put tight restrictions on incoming mail etc meaning it takes much longer to get anything. Also our internal mail system is a mess at the moment with so many people off work with covid plus the fact that everyone has stopped going to shops and order online now. So it's taking weeks to get something that would have taken two days

    I finally called them today to ask what the hell is going on and was told my parts are on a plane on the way to Germany. I said no they're coming from Germany to Australia. They said no we've been unable to contact you so we sent it back to Germany. These morons tried to deliver it to the wrong address, then because they were told no one by that name lives at that address instead of double checking the address just took it to a post office where it sat for a few weeks. Then they shipped it back to Germany.

    I'm so pissed off, and there's not a thing I can do about it

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    Few people from NZ and Australia here were lucky they ordered tank rubbers when they did. As of Oct 25, I can't even ship to Australia anything other than an envelope, and that would still be 2.5x the normal rate. Then again, it took 3 months to get there too, but I think 1 month of that was it being stuck in the US at one of the major hubs. I have the last tank mount waiting to go out there, but can't. Buddy did the clear clutch cover conversion for someone's VFR, and is waiting to see what options are for sending it back.


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      It's very crazy. The US government sent a cheque to my father, the address was his name and then - 4521 Australia. It was lucky I live in a small town where the people at the post office know me as there was no street or town on the address.


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        Alas, I tried to send some free Hawk blinker parts to raymondgho in OZ and UPS wanted $88 for a small package. US Postal Service is not sending packages there at all. Fortunately he found some in Asia, but this is all suspiciously strange.