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  • Android Head Units.

    I needed a radio for Kristen's 4 Runner. Hers has no aux, no Bluetooth, and crackles when you turn the volume knob. Not quite the great road trip can we need it to be.

    Being the selfless knight in shinning armor that i am.... I bought myself a new radio and I'm putting the old one from my truck in her car.

    I got an Android Unit, not android Auto, but Android as far as it thinks its a tablet with an amplifier and a bunch of input/outputs. Costs about what a Sony deck would and can do WAY more.

    Its so dope. Had it in almost a week now.

    I've fought through some glitches.. and there are more to go still. I also don't have it on its own data sim yet, it runs off my phones Wifi. This was NOT a simple pnp setup. Normally im worried about three wires and the RCAs. This thing has two 4g antennas, a remote microphone, a GPS antenna, an integration for steering wheel controls, front and rear cameras (no thanks, i need ZERO video evidence of my driving) and some other things I'm forgetting. Lots of stuff to run to a lot of places.

    Anyone else have one of these bad boys? If so, anyone done the OBD2 integration? Any launchers or app's you would recommend?
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    I'll be doing one in my K5 eventually. I like the idea of being able to do it all compared to the limited range of the apple and android carplays.
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