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The Murdaugh Murda's (and embezzlement)

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    The Murdaugh Murda's (and embezzlement)

    Anyone else keeping up with what these good'ol boys have been getting up to.

    What in the f****** hell is going on down south. I love the south, best times in my life I lived down south, at some point I'm moving back down south. But the civil war had a point.. it's like two different damned countries.

    When I do move back I'ma make sure I get adopted into some old school, old money, good'ol family. Cause I'm pretty sure you can get away with whatever you want in than case. They don't even draw the line at 5 murders. Seems the only thing that can really get you in trouble is stealing from the family business.

    ​​​​​​for real... Even the investigatory techniques seem like they haven't evolved since 56'.

    Gotta love some good ol fashioned fuckery..

    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.