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How to tell your spending too much time on the bike.

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    How to tell your spending too much time on the bike.

    So for a while now I've been working 6pm-6am. I sleep most of the day and am not around in the daylight hours for the kids. Today I got up early and spent the day with my 11mo old while my wife ran errands with my 2y/o and my 5y/o was in school. They all got home around 5:00pm. I was exhausted from watching the baby so I went into the 10 degree garage to stare and tinker at the Hawk (making some brackets for new front signals). I came in, got dressed, kissed the family, and headed off to work. I usually work in the garage after they go to bed on my days off.

    I get a call from my wife shortly after I get to work. She was putting the kids to bed and had to tell me my 2y/o sat down and said, (not exact but close too) "Daddy doesn't like me. He sleeps all day and goes in the garage". Man do I feel bad. Talk about pulling the heart strings. At least now I know which kids gonna help daddy install the new parts. She "helped" once before and a mile down the road a screwdriver fell out from somewhere.
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    If you're ever missing tools, just take the bike for a spin around the block! That's too damn cute, dude.
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      have her help or hang out in the garage some.
      sure, they may be annoying as hell... but it'll be some happy memories when they're order... i remember the FEW times i helped my dad with his Triumph..... good memories.

      uhh, btw..triumph spitfire the car not the bike brand ...


        My dad used to have me "help" him by straightening bent nails!
        Sure kept me busy and feeling like I was doing something important!
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