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    Anyone else try MGP video pass this year and not have a monthly option?

    All I could find was to buy the whole year for a 140 of some denomination of money. Normally it's like 20 of whatever money that is a month.

    What gives?
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    Yeah, I ponied up for the yearly subscription. 140 Euros. I think it's worth it for the content you get.
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      Sometimes I wait to see how the season goes and buy the pass later when it gets discounted. Then binge watch all the previous races. I'll miss watching Rossi though. As much as he was in mid-pack, he still had the camera and commentators on him. I'll need to find a new underdog to cheer for.
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        FYI - NBC and CNBC are broadcasting ALL MotoGP races (that’s 21races folks) on Sundays. I subscribe to the Dorne app and I think it was $120. Anyway, I watched both ways ... the NBC show had usual commercial breaks, so a chunk of the action is gone ... then there’s the picture quality, clearly hahaha, not as good. In fact I had a hard time reading the riders names, numbers, position, etc. on the race stat column. The whole screen seemed to be kinda dark. Granted it free, but if you go for quality of picture, coverage, and lack of interruptions, that’s $6.66 per race (using the $140 amount). AND .... that’s only MotoGP! You also get to watch anything in their library from years past and it covers Moto2 and Moto3 (also MotoE for electric stuff).
        Just my opinion.
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          It's just easier to spend $20/mo for race season then come up with $140 all at once (I'm not sure how euros translate to$ but same deal).

          Pluss there are some long stretches without races, so sometimes you can not pay a month and just play catch-up, or torrent the races you can and just pay the video pass when you can not find them.

          And as much as I say I will I NEVER actually use it in the off season at all. I'll try to re watch old seasons but Netflix usually wins that fight for my attention.

          All that said yesterdays race was AWESOME! No spoilers here, don't worry, but AWESOME!!!
          Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.