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    I'm putting bumpers on my truck. Looking at kits. The farm is covering the cost.

    They sell you the plate, bent and/or cut and the bars. You assemble it and weld it up yourself.

    The stock bumpers on my truck last 12/18 months doing my job. I'm replacing the second set now. Pluss i want a winch mount and front and rear tow hooks, out front, not under and something that wont fold in half when you as kit to work.

    Anyone have an experience with those guys? Other recommendations on weld it up kits?

    I don't have the ability to work with plate that thick as far as cleanly cutting and folding, and still get the results I'm looking for.

    Struggling to pick the bumper. Option paralysis sinking in.
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.