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Lol .The Rusty Wallace racing experience ...Crashing with a passenger on board 1:50

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  • Lol .The Rusty Wallace racing experience ...Crashing with a passenger on board 1:50

    Race experience with Rusty Wallace ... Crashing @ 1:50

    I mean ... Shit happens but ... For a professional driver to crash at 3/4 clip with a passenger on board that has to be quite embarrassing.
    We used to do a SCCA RACE CAR "PASSENGER Drive Around" once a year at Sears Point to benefit the Leukemia Society. AND IN OUR DRIVER'S MEETING THEY TOLD US IF YOU F*** THIS UP WE WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN.

    AT THE TIME I WAS RACING: I think it was 20. or $25 donation for two laps with an SCCA driver. AND THEY BASICALLY TOLD PARTICIPANTS something like ... "if you came up here on the highway, going out with one of our drivers is about 100 times safer than that."

    Still that was a pretty good lick without wearing either a helmet NECK DONUT or a HANS Device. I'm sure they had to sign a release but I think I'd would still have tempted ... Oh no ! f*** my neck my neck hurts ...

    Wait for it ... Lol ... I'm just busting your Rusty Balls , Wallace

    I left the track ... ( Went Agricultural ) at Sears Point in practice on turn 2 in a ( Big Hurry ) and hit the embankment and my neck was sore for a week I wore a helmet NECK donut always after that incident. HANS devices weren't required or even available at that time but are NOW required by most racing sanctioning bodies.

    LOL ... I would have said f*** too
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    Nothing for nothing, because I'm not race car driver but.. looked to me like the front end of that car took a hell of a little wiggle before the rear came around.

    Wonder if somthing went wrong with the car?

    Also, if I paid $100 for a lap with rusty, but could pay $200 to crash the car with him at speed ..

    Dude, sign me up for the crash!!
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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      Hahaha! I’m not sure who the driver was but the Petty and Drive Tech courses (arrive & drive) set up cars to have oversteer because most street drivers can instinctively lift the throttle and counter steer. I betcha this was a car setup for a beginner.
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        same can be said for 2 on on a motorcycle ON THE TRACK.
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          Originally Posted by nt650hawk
          same can be said for 2 on on a motorcycle ON THE TRACK.
          Have to have a LOT of faith in your passenger. All it takes is a panic sit up, or lean up, or nervous jump/twitch..

          never had a track passenger..

          I tell my street passengers to be a backpack if I plan on going fast (which I would NEVER do... Unless it seemed like fun) . Keep your shoulders where my shoulders are, hold on tight, and don't stop my ass from moving. Here we go. . . . . .

          (Never crashed with one.. though I did drag the plastics on my f4i with my now ex-wife on the back.... I have the proof... That was the same week she said she wanted to see what 200 felt like when we got Chris Clarks built Buss for a night.)
          I'd like to say if I could go back in time I would kick my own ass.... But I can't say that this close to that police chase with my current wife.

          Check back with me in a few year and I'll tell you how irresponsible that was.

          Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.