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New to me CL scam.

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  • New to me CL scam.

    If you use craigslist, and post your phone number in the ads scammers will try to get in touch with you, then tell you to verify that you're a real human you need to send them back to Google code..

    ​​​​​With this code will hijack your phone number and can do all kinds of damage.

    I've seen a lot of scams on there. Got hit with this today for the first time so I figured I'd mention it. They didn't get me, but they where a real person who actually read the ad and communicated as a real legit person would have.

    Just an FYI.

    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.

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    I have used Craig's List quite a bit. I only accept text or CL email. I list my phone number with some digits spelled out. I tell them TEXT only as I don't answer my phone. Any reply to a text will verify you are a real number, and they sell that to others.

    Many scammers send text messages asking if "still available". Don't answer them, DELETE. I also get email saying they don't use CL mail and give you a link or email address. DELETE, do not reply or us any link. I posted an ad Friday at 9am and got a " still available text" at 9.03am.

    If a real person want's what you are selling they will sound like it. Even so, I will reply through CL email first and ask what city will they be coming from and their name and then ask them to text me so I have their phone number and name. Then and only them will I text back and answer their questions. Still without giving my address. Once they seem to me to be ligitimate, I may have them call me on my phone number or text me. If we set up an appointment I tell them to text me when you have left and heading my way, I will text you my address. At this point I have a name, a phone number, and what city they are coming from and have usually already talked to them over the phone. My address is the last thing they get.

    Also. I usually have them come to my house. I only have the garage open, my house is locked and wife inside. They are not allowed in the house if they have to use the bathroom. That can be mentioned when you text them your address like "wife is sick so you will not be allowed in the house so please stop for a bathroom break before you get here is advised". Many of my buyers come from bigger cities 50-150 miles away. Sometimes I ask what color / kind of car will by be arriving in? An honest buyer will not mind.

    Only once, I actually asked a friend to meet me a Burger King where an out of towner came to meet me there when I sold a car (for a lot of money). that they could see in the parking lot. I never deal at night. Daytime usually 10am -4pm range. I never deliver with the understanding they will meet me at their place or some place with the money. Nope.
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      I usually push whatever it is outside on the driveway if it isn't reasonable to load it in my truck and meet elsewhere. At that point I make sure and close the garage door and leave the doors to the house locked and I will just sit on the front porch about 10 minutes or so until they arrive . I leave nothing out to indicate I have anything else to sell, and I do and they have asked I will have those items out only. I have a sign that sits on a little table that says "This property protected by Smith and Wesson" directly in front of where I push the stuff to meet and sit. I also usually will have a cold bottle of water sitting there for anyone, just to demonstrate I can be friendly, lol. If they don't see that then they will usually notice the gun and holster on my hip. I figure it's no good inside if something happens and its a deterrent for any nefarious activities that could occur later. Most people get it. If not I don't lose sleep over it.

      For meetups I have a police station about 3 blocks from me and I give people that as the address but I'm also in a state that allows open and concealed carry now days so I make no bones about having a sidearm inside my truck just in case. I figure that makes it safe enough for me. As far as the apps and methods of communication, the only time I send them my cell # is after they have agreed and want a place to meet. I use the in app comms, and never trust cash app, venmo, or any other stupid stuff that. I will do paypal if they want to pay in advance but really press them for cash upon delivery because who really wants to pay the Biden tax now days. If doing through paypal I understand there is a fee to keep it as a business transaction and ensure that purchase protection so I have already accounted for it in my sell price as a cost of doing business online. It's kind of a tough stance but about 2 weeks ago I nearly fell for the venmo scam and after that rubbish I decided it is time to double down on paypal or cash only.
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