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New Computer week, Dell XPS 13, Linux.

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    New Computer week, Dell XPS 13, Linux.

    I assume everyone on here has and uses computers so its not a far reach to think some of yall are interested in them.

    Since i left CTAC in 2017 my unlimited access to used computers has dwindled. Since then i have been solely on thinkpads. I have 5 t450's a t440, and two t420's, then i have an e580 and e15. Needless to say i think Thinkpads are the benchmark for a quality work horse style computer. My friend dan just needed a new computer. Immediately i pointed him to thinkpad and we speced and ordered a DOPE t15. . they are the best over all as far as i am concerned,

    Well my t440 was my linux machine i brought to work (even though i own it), i use it a LOT at work. The other day i was searching the office for some more ddr3 ram because i have been running out and having to close things i wanted open. My boss interrupted my quest and was like "Please let us get yo a new computer. We are a technology company for god sake, we cant be running around with ten year old computers.. We tell people to replace newer computers than that ever day. "

    I declined, I love my t440 and it has sentiment. But after not being able to find any ram i was like "Fine, but can i pick it?" he was like sure, send me a link. .

    I went to and just found nothing i really loved.. I remembered back to my old core 2 Duo XPS machine i had way beck when, loved that thing. So i went over to dell.

    Learned the will ship the new XPS with Ubuntu Linux on it! I dont USe Ubuntu, i use a different flavor, but that means ill be able to get driver support.. I specced it, sent the link and a few days later a new loaded down XPS 13 showed up!

    ITs NOT a think pad. Just different all around, but the carbon fiber palm rest is awesome, the machine looks and feels great. Its a ROCKET compared to my t440. There is some serious attn to detail in this little guy. Had drivers for everything as soon as i got Linux on it, no fuckery involved. Needed a firmware update beacsue it was SLOW in bios, but the was the only glitch. Touch, which i didn't want, but would have had to wait longer to order without, is actually really good. Now I keep finding myself poking the screen when i'm on other non-touch computers haha. Turns out there is a big difference between the cheap touch screens ive seen and used and the good ones.

    Oh, i also just ordered a 15.6" USB-C portable screen (think tablet screen that runs as dual screen and needs no power cable, just usb-c to the transmitting device) to bring around to work with it. It will be here Monday.

    Runs a little hotter than some of my others, but that is probably the only think i could put in the con category.

    So in case anyone is interested, and looking for something with a little more flash and style than an ThinkPad (Id still recommend a thinkpad for a long term work horse) id recommend it strongly.
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