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Blond Squirrel or Albino? Check pics

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  • Blond Squirrel or Albino? Check pics

    2A433AD0-9003-4F0D-B9A0-6A476DBC1034.jpg A86100CB-9C1F-477B-A340-FCB1B6193F76.jpg These 2 photos show four squirrels from my sisters backyard this morning . Has anyone seen this before? I’ve seen black and red squirrels, but not like this one.
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    Bi-Coastal U.S.A.: Los Angeles, CA and Long Island, NY


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      Whatever it is, i want one.
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        Here in NC we have white squirrels - not albino - but pure white squirrels. According to the linked website “The Brevard white squirrels, with dark eyes and sometimes gray streaked fur, are not albinos but a white variant of the eastern gray squirrel, and make up almost a third of Brevard's squirrel population’…

        Brevard sits not far from Asheville, where we’ve seen them on occasion. I was recently mountain biking here in the Charlotte area (120-miles from the Brevard area) and happened upon one at Sherman Branch, a local trail. I definitely did a double take as it was so out of the norm.

        I would think it was some recessive gene that came through the local squirrel population, but this is far from my area of expertise. Suffice to say, the yellow squirrel (above) and the Brevard whites are definitely attention getters…
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          my guess.......eastern grey squirrel (Sciurous carolinensis) extreme color variant or genetic quirk. bright color makes it more noticeable to predators and a tiny bit cuter.

          thanks for the brevard story, elvis. as you might reasonably surmise, anything concerning squirrels is of immense interest to me. .


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            FYI it's called "leucism" when an animal has a partial loss of pigmentation but isn't fully albino (so they'll still have some color, dark eyes, etc.).

            They're literally the shinies of the animal world.

            Also - black squirrels are just eastern gray squirrels but black. So congrats to your sister for spotting two melanistic subgroups of the eastern gray at the same time.
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