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    I'm sure we've all seen or heard the story about the kid that rented the U-Haul for 48 hours and swapped out the 6.0 for his 5.3 then return to the U-Haul..


    I just heard another one. A gentleman went on Lenovo site spec'ed an outrageous laptop and ordered it.

    Got it, opened it, booted it, boxed it up, sent it back.. he then waited. As soon as it showed up as refurbished, bought it again. For 4 digits less.

    Not quite the U-Haul scam, but still pretty funny.

    These may be real, of may be Urban legends, but still fun potential life hacks for the less scrupulous among us.
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.

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    Oh the laptop one is real, and a growing problem. Folks are buying High end PC parts, then pulling the guts, then replacing with older spec, returning to Amazon boxed, then they resell to another person who get 3 year old GPU tech in a new case. and can't figure out why the performance is crap. Then there is all the counterfeit auto parts on Ebay and Amazon. NEVER buy NGK plugs from any place but a Napa. Rockauto etc. I got a set of sold and shipped by Amazon that blew up in my CRV causing me $1500 in repairs needed and all Amazon would do is send me a new set.


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      Dang, that sucks!

      I bought a space heater from a retail chain store I worked for - opened it up for the kids' bedroom, it was someone else's old nasty broken heater they'd returned. I went back to the store and got a new one (checked the box) and reported it to the store manager, who looked at me blankly and shrugged. That is why things cost so dang much, coz people aren't bothered to do their jobs like check a return...

      The worst story I heard was when the Playstation 4 was new for Christmas - some miscreant bought one at Target and returned it with a PS4 shaped block of wood in the package. Some poor child opened their gift and pulled out a block of wood on which this special sort of sicko had written, "Merry Christmas cock and balls!"

      Target made it right for the kid but I am sure there was lots of emotional damage that the parents had to deal with...

      Thieves and hackers - worst forms of humanity IMO (yes, I get the irony of my last name )


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        My older sister once bought a Bulova watch from a guy on the street in NYC. She was surprised when it stopped working two weeks later. I took a close look at it, and it was a Bolivia watch.
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