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  • Buy Jawa 350 moped!

    Hello everyone,
    Got an order , we're supposed to get a motorbike for my father. A Jawa 350 is probably an old Czech moped and his uncle probably drove one of these when he was alive, he was a professional boxer and therefore an idol for my old man. He probably dug out old pictures and that's how he came up with the idea. Unfortunately, he is not in the country at the moment and therefore asked me to buy the moped for him, but I have little idea about it and therefore wanted to ask you for advice. What should I pay attention to, what are the typical checkpoints when buying a moped in this age group? Maybe even some of you are familiar with the Jawa 350?​ At the End I have to say that I did a bit of research myself and found very interesting models on this site: that I would like to know more about.
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    I’m not sure about their moped, but I think @6 has a methanol burning Jawa in his race bike
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      You want to talk to Dmitry

      He's your guy for old scooters. .
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        Jawa 350 is not a moped, it's a full size motorcycle. I have a Jawa Pioneer 50cc, still planning to revive it


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          Guy selling his 350 Jawa near us, looking for a grand, 1000 , seen it go by, it’s old enough to smoke.