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New Paint on the Speedway Bike.....

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  • New Paint on the Speedway Bike.....

    So I'm thinking..

    I want to take this..
    And j want to do this to it.. IMG_20210520_135742_02.jpg IMG_20210520_135742_01.jpg

    Couple if down sides. 90% of the races are night under the lights, so you wouldn't see it blue for anything but the first heat.. if would normally look like the grey.. though the lights may set if off a little.

    There is not a lot of surface area. I would do the chain guard plates, the fenders, and maybe the seat brackets. .. at least it would be cheap to spray.

    I would need an offset color for the numbers and I'm not sure that the fuchsia would stand out enough.

    It's GOING to crash. I do, we all do, and it's not an easy color to touch up.

    But it may be really cool and different.

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    If it is going to look like the gray most of the time anyway, I would just go with the gray. The blue looks good, but I think the gray looks great. That's got to be an easier color to touch up too. Nice work!


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      I think blue has got to be the hardest to match or touch up . But then if you already have it mixed, you would have some ready to go. Contrast blue with white?

      Color wheel says opposite of blue is orange. That would look good too.
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        That’s the same bike with the same paint, only difference is grey under the shop lights and blue in the sun.
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          I'm a big fan of grey and dayglo orange
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