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Is it still a Hornet?

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  • Is it still a Hornet?

    Is a Honda Hornet still a Hornet without an inline four?

    Read all about the 2023 Honda CB750 Hornet, a parallel-twin roadster to take on the Yamaha MT-07 here.
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    Why all these p-twins in everything?

    It's not just Honda, it's Yamaha, kawi, I read a while back even Harley.

    They have to be cheap to make?? I don't know. In my opinion there is no motor as soulless as a p twin. I'll take a vtwin, v4, a i4, a single, you name it and I'd rather have it in my bike than a p-twin.

    That said, I'll still stay on record as day Ng racing ex500's may be the most fun thing ever, but that's BECAUSE they are bland and soulless and terrible in every way, and CHEAP... Not because it's exciting to ride.

    Is that an easy config to scale up and down? Does the p-twin have the easiest route to shoving the same basic motor in 30 different bikes?? Idk.

    It's lame tho.
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      Cheaper to make, easier to balance, and for adv bikes they're stronger motors because they have a center bearing.

      Funny that the new hawk concept bike is a 4, and now this hornet is a twin
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        Originally Posted by frinesi2

        Funny that the new hawk concept bike is a 4, and now this hornet is a twin
        Good point, I hadn't thought of that.

        Honda seems a little late to the party. Yeah, they have smaller and larger parallel twins, but a sporty parallel twin in the 650-750 range has been lacking (putting aside the recent NC range) and Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Aprilia have one hell of a head start. Anxious to see if this looks as much like a KTM as the early looks indicate.
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          Pretty sure they are staging it to bring out the AT in the 700 size to compete with what Yamaha is doing with the Tenere and what not. I think Dmitry has the 700 Tenere and is enjoying it thoroughly.
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            When Ichiro Honda was alive, the company was innovative. He was willing to try things, acknowledging that some would not work out, but some would be successful. Morita at Sony was the same way. Now, Honda has grown to be a typical conservative Japanese company. The thrill is gone, babe.