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my first bike finally sold

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  • my first bike finally sold

    YL-l from nineteen sixty-six.

    one hundred cc rwo-stroke that i rode for one and a half summers, my learner bike.

    thinning my heard, and i never wanted to ride it again after getting a six-hundred. had it on CL around the usa, no offers, sharp twenty-five year old buyer here is a crane repair pro with big work truck, has three honda bikes. turn it to cash as im expecting a financial recession soon.

    183592289_Picture1-12-2020189.jpg.af7765f42b4d0d2ee084954b6e698fb7.jpg 9294837_Picture1-12-2020190.jpg.9623c5d31d16b523cb8b9f1f541020ae.jpg 1483927399_Picture1-12-2020185.jpg.4d3d9b239e64238b8b06b36f7b56ce1a.jpg Picture1-12-2020_094.jpg.99a7becb7559a1465e38b4c74a6b7b02.jpg
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    Sold: '86 FJ1200, '92 ZX-7, '90 Radian, '73 CB750, '89 all-white Hawk, '88 blue Hawk, '86 FZ600, '86 Yam Fazer 700 , '89 VTR250, '87 VFR700F2, '86 VFR700F.

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    Congrats on finding a good home for it Jerry!
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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      Bittersweet sale, I know. Glad you found someone that would appreciate it.
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