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    Originally Posted by CoreyRS View Post
    Hmmm agree this seems like an oversight. Since it has active current monitoring, checking with the app has to draw some power, but even if it is just sitting there?
    I *think* what is happening, is that each time I go near the bike (I have the range set very low) or go above the bike (upstairs from the garage) it does some sort of activation that is drawing power. I know I have seen it flash the tail light a few times, even though I have that option turned off as far as I can tell. I can work around it - just don't feel like it is something I should have to work around.

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      Originally Posted by wildwhl View Post
      Well gang, I like what this unit can do, but unfortunately do not like what it doesn't do.

      It doesn't shut off at low voltage, and therefore destroys batteries. If with Keyless go disabled, there is always a drain. Phone is reaching out to the M-unit and vice versa. If not on a tender (and even with, depending on the tender) the occasional flash of tail light for proximity, etc. drain the battery dead.

      Just killed my 2nd lightweight li-Ion pack.

      So what's the fix? I will end up adding a manual disconnect or low voltage disconnect of my own I suppose. It just seems a major oversight on MotoGadget's part to me...and I wish I had NOT gone for the *blue* aka bluetooth version for this reason. Yes, it makes setup a breeze, but other things a complete pain in the ass.

      More later.

      I also bought the blue version but i must keet the key switch for insurance issues and to keep the bike street legal because they want the lock option ... maybe its possible to use the Park position to enable the Bluetooth option without key and the on position to use the key and off to switch all off??