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National Cycle Mohawk windscreen

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    National Cycle Mohawk windscreen

    I bought a National Cycle (NC) Mohawk windscreen to replace the NC Fly screen that was on the bike.
    The holes in the mounting bracket were 3.75" apart. This produced a 1.5" gap between tyhe bottom of the screen and the top of the headlight body.
    I wanted less of a gap, so I made new brackets with the holes 2.5" apart, which appeared to be the closest I could make them without interference between the shield and the headlight.
    I think it worked well. A distance of 2.75" would have worked well also.

    I haven't tested the new install yet, but I like the looks and it worked well with the longer brackets. It will be easy to adjust the angle by rotation on both mounting bolts.

    I'm Happy so far. I bought the screen at RevZilla.
    shorter brackets Original brackets gave large gap

    looks good! not many people around here tho a fan of windshields. I like my targa fairing.
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      Originally Posted by Jimmy30 View Post
      looks good! not many people around here tho a fan of windshields. I like my targa fairing.
      I like windshields and I hate targa fairings. 2 things I hate on Hawks GTs are targas and the "gunfight and lady."

      Givi makes good screens but for 7" headlights. Keeping their brackets cutting the actual shield down from the bottom (& redrilling mounting holes) worked for me:

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