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Highsided the Hawk.

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    Highsided the Hawk.

    Well I highsided my hawk last weekend at No Problem Raceway in Louisiana. 5th lap or so in Saturday practice, like a dumbass. Going through a long right hander and passing an RC51 on the outside, lost the rear, chopped the throttle and it tried to spit me off the high side. I saved that and it spit me off when it came back around. Now this is a bad feeling because I am in front of the bike. Turns out that the bike flipped and landed on me. I remember it coming into my field of vision and thinking "this is gonna hurt". Well hurt it did. Landed on my right hip and left a pretty nasty bruise. I have been hobbling around all week keeping Advil in business. I believe that a footpeg went through the cloth inside of my leathers on my left arm and left a nice gash. Ribs are sore, pelvis is sore, right ankle/foot is sore, helmet is torn up pretty good. This was the first crash that I have been in were I look back and think "I got lucky".

    Here is a corner workers take on it Scroll down a ways.

    Bike is not too bad. The tail section is destroyed, the back of the tank got a good dent in it, the front and rear master cylinders are toast, the muffler got pushed into the rear wheel and took some divots out of it. Nothing that a few dollars wont fix.

    Lessons learned...
    1. practice is not a race.
    2. if the bike feels off then stop and fix the damn thing.
    3. suspension has come a long way. take the time to learn how to dial it in.
    4. listen more to people that are racing now.

    Overall a good learning experience but a long way to go and painful week of recovery for 5 laps.

    Oh yeah, props to my buddy for a) going with me and b) driving the 6 hours to get home the same night that we drove 6 hours to get there.

    Glad to hear your Okay Hutch.

    Just remember...
    Pain heals (a little longer at our age) and Chicks dig scars.
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    "I'd rather ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow."


      Glory lasts forever...

      Glad you're alive, I'll keep your wisdom in mind for my first track day this summer.


        glad you're alright...

        i dont have a cool racing story to tell, and i have two pulled groins from riding a mechanical bull this weekend... (friends 21st birthday.. long story... dont ask. )

        look at it this way... lesson learned, and you can honestly tell everyone, yea, i was racing my bike at the track passing this guy with over twice the power of my bike when...