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8 Hour endurance race on the hawk

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    8 Hour endurance race on the hawk

    Well. Did a track day at Texas World Speedway on Friday the 13th. Changed the Metzler's out for BT090's and what a difference that made So... the track day was a lot of fun but nothing to write home about. Dialed in my new to me fox shock which was a replacement for the progressive that I had on the back. Overall it was more confidence inspiring but that may have been the tires...

    I also hopped on board a team that was racing an SV for the 8 hour on Saturday. Someone had the bright idea to use the hawk as a B-frame and as soon as I got the bike back from tech (1 hour into the race) the SV was crashed on a re-start. A quick change of numbers and the hawk was put to the test. The rider that crashed broke his collarbone so he was out and another rider wasn't prepared to crash my bike so it was me and one other rider that traded places every 1/2 hour for 6 hours to finish the race. The temps were cold and the wind was brutal. Coming out of turn 2 in 5th gear only kept me from decelerating. No bodywork to hide behind made it that much worse. Overall it was a fun day and the hawk performed well even if she was underpowered and getting passed by everyone. The SV that we were going to ride was much much faster but not nearly as well behaved as the Hawk. Sure would like to do an engine swap on the hawk to get more ponies. Any ideas?

    that sounds to me like one pretty good weekend.

    congrats on even running the endurance race let alone doing it on your hawk. and even better, doing it with just the 2 of you. that is some serious track time.
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    '76 bmw r90 with sporty mods
    '71 honda cb 350 racebike


      is that about 40 minutes north of fort worth?

      if its the same place im thinking, i have an aunt and uncle that live about 5 minutes down the road from there.

      that place is huge!

      endurance race and honda just sounds like a good match to me.
      what was passing you up? 1000s? 600s? 750s?
      1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


        Texas world is about an hour+1/2 NW of Houston.

        When it was built in 1969 it was the fastest speedway in the world (I believe). It is an incredibly fast track that favors horswpower over handling. For comparison, the first place SV in lightweight twins expert ran a 1m51sec lap time C superstock expert AND A superstock expert ran a 1m44sec times. The fast lap that we got in the endurance (on the Hawk) was 2m6sec. The front and back straits just kill the little bikes.

        The track that you are thinking of is Texas Motor Speedway