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    Over my head

    So everyone knows that if you want to get into racing the first thing you need to bring is.....$$$Money$$$

    Silly me thought I could get away with a couple of track days without breaking the bank, $820 later and I'm registered for two weekends.

    Not trying to rant here, but there are differences in track day organizations. I started out planning to do VIR Patriot and VIR North Memorial Day weekend with Team Pro-Motion for $190 and $200 per day, I also rented a set of leathers and boots for each day + $180 (since then a buddy has offered a set of AGV's free to borrow $150 to buy)
    The guy that got me into track days (sold me the hawk, has track sv and trailer) cancelled for Memorial Day, pushed it back to VIR South on June 2nd & 3rd. So I call TPM to reschedule and cancel the leather rentals, no problem except the $155 refund is only applicable to future TPM events and will stay in my account with them ( sad for me, their TD's are pricey)

    Around the time of the reschedule my buddy informs me of a super cheap TD at Tally GP with NESBA, $90 per day!!! Sounds great, member fee was $75 wich knocks $15 off of the two day price so a weekend at Tally was $250 a much better deal IMO

    Welcome to the madness. It is an addiction that I just picked up myself.
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