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    Animal brain 1, focused mind 0

    Well I went and f'ed up at VIR. Got a knee down second time out and started hauling ass. After lunch I was chasing a GSXR and made a couple passes on the outside. I let my animal brain get the better of me and after a pass just before an off camber righty I let my concentration lapse, going way faster than I had before without realizing it, didn't get setup properly, didn't look far enough down the track, went to max lean and felt my knee touch (I wasn't hanging off enough for that to be happening), then I was sliding in the grass. Two broken fingers busted tach and headlight mounted turn signal

    Ouch, Ouch, OUCH!

    Sounds like you learned... wait a minute... headlight?... Turn signal? This isn't a Racehawk?

    Sounds like it should be (Passing GSXRs!)

    Back on track... learned from your mistakes. Heal up quick and get back out there!
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      oh and pilot roads may not be the best tire to get agressive with, not saying the tire was at fault, but another reason i shouldn't have been pushing.