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Final Canadian vintage report for the season

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    Final Canadian vintage report for the season

    Yep - last race of the year was last weekend in North Bay, Ontario about three and a half hours north of Toronto. The race is held on a temporary circuit consisting of a couple of runways and connecting taxiways of the North Bay airport, which is still in service. Just like old time vintage racing in England.

    My Hawk runs in Period 4 Lightweight and the main competition is FZR400s, RS125s and EX500s. Up to 1989 is allowed unless the model was produced for a few more years with no major changes.

    Because this circuit is tight compared to Mosport, I went down to a 14/45 gearing combo and it was about right. In practice, I had a gear for every corner and because it was so bumpy, I took a couple of clicks of compression damping out of both ends.

    It was working really good. In the P4 heat, I was running in fifth or sixth when on the last lap, it just signed off and quit. Hmmm. Never done that before. Five minutes later, it fired right up strong as ever. I looked and there was a bit of splooge in the fuel line so I drained what I could and put a fuel filter in.

    The next morning it was running great in both practice sessions and the Vintage Challenge was up next - basically any P4 machine regardless of displacement - and that includes GSXR750s, FZR600s, Ducati 851s etc. Sort of a free for all. After a few laps, I was battling for fourth and fifth overall with Tim Voyer on the camera bike when the same damn thing happened - it just quit.

    Tim posted more video of this on youtube at this link

    My Hawk has the white tailsection, I've got the red helmet, red boots and black, white and red leathers. The guy we're behind for a few laps with the green and black leathers is on an FZR750 as you can see by the way he squirts away on the "straights."

    Part two is here

    Again, after pushing to the pits it fired right up again so for my P4 solo final, in desperation I filled the tank to the brim even though it was only an eight lap race. Because I didn't finish the heat, I was gridded in 23rd spot out of 28 riders. I could barely see the starter over the curvature of the earth.

    The first lap was a bit of a hairball but when the checkered flag fell at the end, I'd clawed my way up to fourth. The guy with the video camera rides an FZR400 really well and finished second. I'm pretty sure he got enough points to win the series. From what I can figure out, I finished fifth overall in points.

    For my first season riding the Hawk, I've got to say I really like it. Last year I raced a 77 KZ1000 and it required more of a committment than I was willing to put in at my age. Pushing 97 rear-wheel horsepower through a 130 section tire was life threatening in faster corners and I almost decided to quit racing after last season.

    I LOVE my Hawk and am already looking forward to next year.

    Over the winter, I'm getting the Fox shock rebuilt, re-doing the forks, new brake pads, getting a set of slicks instead of the SuperCorsas but pretty much leaving everything else alone.

    I know there are cams available but I love the midrange grunt coming off the turns that I've got now with the stock engine. It seems to suit my riding style rather than having a peaky engine that you've got to wring out at every shift.

    I'd also like to get a remote brake reservoir with an adjustable lever to replace the stock CBR600F2 set up I've got now. The brakes themselves are incredible and I can't ask for more.

    I'm thinking the reason the bike quit was somehow related to routing the fuel vent line to the catch bottle (as per racing rules vent lines can't be vented to the outside, they've got to be contained). I think a bit of rad overflow was in the bottle and the vent line was in this, not allowing air to enter the tank. I'm stilll going to clean out the carbs over the winter and will have to modify the vent system but other than that, it's all good.
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    Nice Report man! Congrats on your first year!

    Mine finishes in early October.
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      I'd also like to get a remote brake reservoir with an adjustable lever to replace the stock CBR600F2 set up I've got now
      I had the 929 set up and in one crash it took the remote reservoir away. I am now useing the f4, the one that is attached to the master similar to the f2 and has proven to hold up well when I was taken out and in performance. Keep those caliper pistons clean. That's where you loose most of your performance.
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        Final points tally is in and I managed fourth in the final standings for the season.

        I finished ahead of the guy who got third overall at every race but he made the journey to our Quebec round and I didn't. Had I attended that one, I'm sure I would've gotten third overall.

        Not a bad year.
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