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hawk conversion - year 2020

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    hawk conversion - year 2020

    had i not been laughing my ass off by what happens in this video, i would have been thoroughly impressed by this new technology.

    it's truly amazing - more so when you think about where this technology can go in the next 10 years on two wheels. but, again, this dumbshit (who admittedly states he's the builder, not the rider!) just could not stop me from laughing away.

    you can just sense something horrible about to happen from the get-go.


    im pretty sure thats the killacycle link.

    hmm the 3 basic things he did wrong.

    1. he didnt have a water box. the whole reason for the waterbox is so you can burnout without pushing the front...
    the splash of water they put down got it loose some, but notice he went out of it.. then starting pushing the front... that brings up the next problem.

    2. when the front started pushing, he should have left out of it.. he let it push a good foot out of the little water they had.

    3. he didnt have his gear on.. sure its quiet. but it has the same power as a top fuel bike.. he shouldnt even sit on it with it switched on without full gear on.

    btw, anyone notice how much faster things seem when they're not on the track? lol.

    btw, hes fine:

    September 13th, 2007
    Iím Fine (scapes and cuts) Bike is a little bentÖ.
    First off, Iím just a bit scraped up. Embarrassed of course. I had not intended the bike to move in the soapy water, just spin the tire.

    Got it slowed down to about 20 mph. Front wheel is bent, as are front forks. Cowling is not nearly as pretty as it was.
    Battery box took a hit from the front wheel. Almost certainly, some cells were shorted. No smoke. No fire. Ultra safe cells. Had these been anything but A123 Systems Nano-phosphate cells, shorts would have caused a serious fire.

    No major damage. We will have it fixed in short order.

    Important to note: Area in front of the bike was CLEARED of ALL PEOPLE. NO ONE was at risk but me. Concrete on both sides of area.

    Yes, I am an idiot for not wearing a helmet. :-/