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U.S. Open 2021 Continued.(Speedway update)

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    U.S. Open 2021 Continued.(Speedway update)

    Yes. I know. The only thing I post lately is speedway updates.

    My bad. But.. I'm hyper focused right now.

    The Continuation of the 2021 U.S. Open...

    This weekend was a double header. Friday at A.P.E and Saturday at Champion.

    Ape I ran D1 and D2.

    I wasn't very bothered by where I finished in D2. There are some new guys that just moved up from 3 that have some speed but have NO race craft, no control and don't really get it. Twist and pray. It's like bumper cars.

    If I can get a holeshot I can ride away from them with ease, if I get caught back in the pack I won't take the risk to pass unless I can do it in a way that I'm 100% sure they couldn't hit me if they tried.

    That said we won a couple heats and took a 2nd in the main.

    But i also ran D1. We didn't take last in a heat all night. We had a second place and some thirds, but more importantly we ran consistent. Finished every lap. Even managed to pass a D1 rider who makes mains regularly and was able to stay in front of him for 2.5 laps (he got me back and took the second but still an accomplishment I feel.)

    We made the C main! (There are 4 division 1 mains. A, B, C, and D., A being the fastest and D the slowest.)
    That was cool.

    Saturday... .. .. . . WE ONLY RAN IN DIVISION 1!!!

    THis is what we have been waiting for and working twords.

    I have said this time and time again, I would rather be the last of the fast guys than the first of the guys that are not all that fast.

    Well, we where not last! Made the C main again. Took a second in the C main behind Jessie who usually would be in B or A.

    It was a great night. I do have video, but again, I need to upload it.

    I'm hoping I get to stay here and don't have to still ride D2. All depends on Jason, how he feels I'm riding and who else is there.

    So all in all a good weekend. I can say with certainty that I was the 10th fastest guy out there this weekend out of the 40-50 bikes that showed up. That's a far better feeling than winning D2 or D3 and being the fastest of the slow guys, or the fastest of the not so fast guys.

    I'll take it.

    Let Wes test the bike Sunday, he put it in the wall. So even though I didn't crash, we still have some shit to fix.

    ​​​​​​​ Great weekend. Two more weeks till we go again..

    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.

    Sounds like you're getting faster and enjoying the hell out of it.

    Couldn't ask for more.


      Originally Posted by bones View Post
      Sounds like you're getting faster and enjoying the hell out of it.

      Couldn't ask for more.
      Thanks man.

      Can't ask for more.

      Here is the best part. I'm not doing this alone, and not doing this in one of the team pits where there is a mechanic for each bike and and a rich local shop owner/dad acting as a "crew chief".

      Doing this with my wife helping with gear, food, drinks, organization, setting up and braking down the pits. Making sure I don't forget the things we need at the track.

      My son pushing the bike off, getting it to staging, getting it on and off track, oiling the chain, handing me tools, filling the fuel, running on track during reds to clean the visor, lube the bike and push it off again.

      My other son running though check lists he made, making sure the fuel is on, getting my kill switch hooked, cleaning the gear and tires, checking air pressure, carrying my gloves and lid out,.

      Racing is cool. Racing with my family is a life goal achieved.

      Riding home alone in the truck, or riding home with spectators has nothing on celebrating with a family/team.

      And there is no way I could do this myself and still run well. This is working because 90% of my time is focused on just riding the bike.

      I'm going to be a sad man the second race august when Wes is back in Utah and Ted on CA.
      Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


        That is awesome to have a family support team like you've got.
        One of the best bonding experiences you will ever have.

        Congrats, you're doing things right and it shows.


          A vid of the semi. I got confused and labeled it the main on YouTube. I'll put the main up.

          It got cut short and it's not the most exciting race. I made a move for 1st turn 2 lap 1, then lost drive and just rode her home for second.

          Kristen would be LIVID that I'm posting this. She says she can't help the yelling...

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          Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.