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  • Marc and MotoGP Indonesia

    Another great race!! The delay was excessive but the wet races are always fun.

    But Mr Marc...

    These young kids have gotten faster, and I think that extra gear that he used to have to get into in situations where he put the bike in a gravel trap and then rode back to first, he's having to be in that gear just to get to the front of races.

    His failure rate pushing that hard is high..

    And if he where a 28 year old fighter, his "fight age would be 40.. the man has hard miles on him. I think we may be nearing the end of the Marc era.
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.

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    Apparently, his blurry eye is back. Might be the end for him.

    I think the problem is marc only has one setting = balls out.

    That said, if I were 28, 3rd in premier class championships, and had $50M in my pocket, I'd consider retiring while I could still walk...


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      Honda doesn’t build easy bikes to ride or hasn’t done for as long as I’ve followed MotoGP with the exception of the Big Bang NSR500 (not easy to ride but easier) and the V5 RCV. He is such a trier, so determined and ultimately that’s been his downfall. He ain’t my cup of tea but you can’t fault him for speed, effort and tenacity. I think you may be right


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        I was/am a Rossi fan, but I love watching Marquez ride, as scary as it can be. It was the same thing with Stoner. It seems HRC has created a bike that better exploits the Michelin rear tire, taking away the reliance on leaning so heavily on the front where Marquez excels. Pol scoring a podium shows the bike is easier for to ride for someone without 93 on the front of the bike.

        Having said that, switching the rear tire construction after the teams tested was a disaster. Yeah, the other rear would have struggled to make it full race distance in Indonesia if it had stayed dry and everyone had to deal with the tire allotment, but that was tough and Marquez does not have a dial it back switch. I really hope he is able to regain full health. At the same time, as often as he hits the floor...well, those head injuries add up over time.

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