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Hawk's are far too big to race!

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    Hawk's are far too big to race!

    Recently myself and my teammate decided Hawk's are far to piggish to race and we needed something a bit more nimble. So Matt Stone and myself spent the day dicing it up on these, the wave of the ultralight future. Jeff Wood is down with the sickness too

    (actually we were testing the track out for the Red Bull MinimotoGP event I organized up in Vermont this past weekend. MAJOR fun)

    Uh.. a pic from the Afterparty as well

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    Those curves look dangerous. Proceed with caution!
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      Where in Vermont was this?
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        Someone I went to High School with did an internship with Red Bull in Northern Cali. He got to put on the mini bike races all the time and throw all the crazy parties.

        Needless to say I am a bit jelous.
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