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The Many, Many things you can carry on a Motorcycle

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    The Many, Many things you can carry on a Motorcycle

    First of all I don't have a car, hell I don't even know how to drive one, so my Motobikes need to serve "Pick Up truck dutty" too, plus dirt bike, plus date Limousine, commuter, long term traveler, sleeping quarters, Breakfast table,,, aka anything.

    here are some photos for you gals and guys to enjoy.

    Yes I can carry My Bicycles, what is the big deal..

    the best part is that I can also carry a passanger so we can go on really long trips (from california to alaska, colorado, utah, mejico, anywere) oviuslly with the proper safety gear and the require equipment too.

    I also go to many Bicycle swap meets, so sometimes I need to carry a ton of stuff.

    Yes All that stuff on my booth was on the bike minutes before


    Oh man so, so dificult.

    the shocks were so loaded i was afraid the bike will break in two.

    almost 370 pounds of extra load, measure on a toledo scale, way more than the bike is soppose to carry that iis for sure.

    super heavy 8'' inch cast iron belt sander and to complete a self standing 16,5" drill press.

    I was so tyred the last time I was even unable to lift the bike into the center stand so I lean it next to the octamog (a friends Projects truck)

    After that heavy load something like this is so easy.

    more moving around stuff photos.

    long loads are actually very dificult since the center of gravity gets alter so much.

    This One was really really fun.

    I'm impressed. Also a little shocked.
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      must have lived a past life in southeast asia lol
      they do stuff like that all the time there
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          sorry double post


            Originally Posted by icycle
            I'm impressed. Also a little shocked.
            Oh you wait to see what I'm doing on the little Hawk


              Originally Posted by jaysun0ne
              must have lived a past life in southeast asia lol
              they do stuff like that all the time there

              but I did Grow on a really big city in SurAmerica, now I'm in Berkeley california, I just don't tell my bikes about it..



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                  ok... if i ever go back to Berkley, im going to teach you how to drive a damn truck..
                  you know, i only paid $200 for my S10..... you should look into something like that.


                    Ok, I'm impressed.

                    But ... it's a BMW, fer chrissakes. Now put that shit on a Hawk, and I'll be *really* impressed
                    '89 Hawk GT


                      Did someone say 'hey, the front end feels a bit light'?

                      Reminds me of one time in Portugal when I rented a moped - on a long, straight road, there was another moped with something white on the rear seat. As I got closer I could see that it was a small dog, just sitting there, scared absolutely shitless The poor thing was actually quivering...
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                        Is packing a bike up like that stricly legal??! I dobt it would be in Ireland... issues with rear light visibility etc...
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                          i was woundering the same thing, in california the cops must hassle you a bit???
                          1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


                            Hats off to you! But also a warning to all drivers on the road- when you see things like this don't follow too closely!
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                              Definately the modern day western equivalent of all those SE Asian mopeds with two goats a bag of rice a crate with six chickens and your two cousins on the back. America welcomes the Sport Utility Motorcycle!