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    hawkLer's (un)Finished Product

    Here is my Hawk as it stands today. At this point it's kind of like Photo Hunt, find what's wrong... Judge me. Harshly.
    Also, here's how she breathes and eats.
    -Supertrapp with 6 discs
    -157.5/160 main jets
    -2.5 turns out mixture screws
    -needles clipped 4th from top (for some reason they were at 3rd from top and there was literally no power)

    Seems to be idling really nicely and takes little coercion to start (choke or throttle a little only if temp is below 65). Power seems pretty smooth all the way through but I don't really feel that it's at it's best. Don't feel real confident with wacking open the throttle and it seems to kinda "fizzle" a little while in upper-mid to high revs.

    I think I can do better... Any thoughts from the experts??? Let it be known that I do have some other jets on hand to try. (155, 157.5, 160, 162, 16

    ride Red.

    Some good reference here, and have you stretched and baked your springs?

    "Life may begin at 40, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 150."

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    • Steve Lenac Tokico six pot caliper


      Just a couple of thoughts as I had done a variation on the Monster mod.

      Why is everyone using the SV tailight? The monster tailight fits nice and snug right under the seat and was only like 35$ new at the dealer. (is yours bungeed on there?)

      Grind down the bumps on the bottom of the seat. That way it will sit flush with the subframe rails and seem more like it is supposed to be there.

      Hell I don't know, Really it looks good to me. I know my can look like a hack job if you look to close. Best viewed speeding by you know.

      Why is it not finished?
      ARRH Don't mind me, that's just the scurvy talkin!


        I like the SV taillight better because it's cooler looking, got a great shape and the lines match up nice to the duc seat. There are about 1,000 ducati monsters (wouldn't want to be mistaken for one)in nyc and it was cheap enough if i recall correctly. It's not bungeed on. That was some road shrapnel that I McGuyver'd to hold the plate and taillight snug because for some reason they were flapping (caused me to lose my plate... but encouraged "RC 31" customized plate order with NY state.)

        Which bumps under the seat are you talking about??
        Not finished because I think my jetting is a little off and I need to clean up some wiring, etc... Also a front fender would be nice for wet roads.

        Thanks for your words. Anyone else?
        ride Red.


          these are the bumps I was talking about.

          I guess it depends on how you mounted the rear of your seat.
          I just put two tabs on the subframe and run bolts into the existing screw holes. For me it just helped get it to sit flush on the subframe rails. Of course I was also using the stock tank.

          ARRH Don't mind me, that's just the scurvy talkin!


            yeah i use those scrw holes also. how the hell did you get that metal pointy stud out of the back part? man that was a pain in the ass, i just ended up cutting that off...
            ride Red.


              I heated up a utility knife and the stuff cut like butter.
              ARRH Don't mind me, that's just the scurvy talkin!



                bike looks good. looking forward to some riding on the road and on the track this summer.
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                  I cut the "pointy metal" thing off my monster seat with a dremel tool- took a minute or two but was very clean and easy. I was thinking the same thing Psycho, and was wondering why everyone was using SV taillights. I got a smoked LED monster light with integrated turnsignals cheap and love how clean and compact it is. I just don't care for the SV light as much- we all have our own opinions - doesnt make the other right or wrong. both Psycho and Hawklers bikes look sweet.


                    thanks, thunderchick!
                    yeah, we all have our own opinion... thankfully that's why my bike looks cooler than anything else on the street. (ha ha haa... get it?)
                    ride Red.


                      With the stock running gear... i think mines pretty rad too! Like u said... no ones got one just like it and thats a big thing on bike nights and shit!

                      I just buzzed off the tips of the 6 nubs to give a higher seating position and brought the sub frame in to line up with them.
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                        i love that orange! it stands out without being offensive. we have a bike night here and i get a lot of looks from the harley guys. if you ride a harley, is it required that you and your "bitch" weigh in at a combined 500 pounds or more? they wouldnt need such wide bikes if they ran more than their mouths.


                          if you ride a harley, is it required that you and your "bitch" weigh in at a combined 500 pounds or more?
                          no, if you ride a harely it is required that your sh*t doesn't stink though, it's true, I read it in the "how to be an arogant Harley rider handbook"
                          Most of the pics I have of my Hawk/Mods:

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                            It is not a requirement that your sh*t doesn't smell... just an appreciated touch. Now that you mention it, I haven't smelled mine since I got my Harley 12 years ago!
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