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Commuting Spy Shots

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    Commuting Spy Shots

    Just a few pics my co-worker snatched of me on my way into and out of work. They're all taken around dawn and dusk, so some are a little dark.

    He popped out from a gap in the hedge to get these

    These two were taken from where the cars are, in the background of the previous shots

    This one is from the roof of the building seen in earlier shots



    Is he going to shoot you for real at dawn tomorrow?
    '95 ShaftHawk 650P>
    Front: Bros Mk2 front wheel; Mk1 forks; MetalGear disc; NC30 caliper; cb1 yoke.
    Breathing: Hacked up and shortened ART tri-can on collector and link pipe from DemonTweeks.
    Other: RGV bars; DefT dash; modded subframe; modded rearsets; relocated ignition.

    '91 Bros 650 Mk1>
    Currently off the road.


      You're being Stalked......and now you have the evidence
      "Life may begin at 40, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 150."

      • '88 in Candy Flair Blue + '90 in Italian Red
      • Ohlins Rear Shock
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      • VFR750 rear wheel
      • Hiperform seat&headers
      • MSMotorsport Seat Cowl
      • Steve Lenac Tokico six pot caliper


        Ahhh Dude your on the wrong side of the road???

        Just Kidding


          I know Nohl! And look at the yellow tumor where my number plate should be, it's twice the normal size!

          The dawn/dusk shift changes are only Sat, Sun, Mon, Al. Besides, I'm off work, so he can't shoot me .

          Tho I do wonder sometimes, he has model tanks (as in with treads and turrets) and rides a BMW. He also rides a Guzzi, so I guess he's ok really...

          Originally Posted by JR
          You're being Stalked......and now you have the evidence
          Maybe I should have used that defense when I got gatso-flashed, hmmm... I still got the speeding charge dismissed, just working on the failure to furnish on appeal