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MotoGP Donnington 2007

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    MotoGP Donnington 2007

    My son (left) and his friends at the Moto GP
    "Life may begin at 40, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 150."

    • '88 in Candy Flair Blue + '90 in Italian Red
    • Ohlins Rear Shock
    • F2 front wheel
    • VFR750 rear wheel
    • Hiperform seat&headers
    • MSMotorsport Seat Cowl
    • Steve Lenac Tokico six pot caliper

    Heh, which bit of fence did you guys hop? I wasn't there this year (had to take a pay cut and couldn't afford it), but last year we watched on raceday from inside of Fogarty Esses/outside of Goddards, where it was too easy to get on track and nearly get run over. I saw on TV that it looked like they managed to keep everyone out of pitlane this year

    Mr Gillett says we need to stop as Dorna aren't happy with us delaying the TV schedule and has threated to put up more fencing. I say run the classes in the same order as they do in the rest of the world! Then it could be an organised invasion (as at many other tracks), and British race-goers wouldn't be persecuted for being One hour ahead of most of Europe. Sorry, rant over.