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    Hawk in Oz

    Lots more i wanna do to her...

    so far she's got:

    Ohlins suspension
    Supertrap exhaust
    Dual lights
    new indicators
    New mirrors

    Finally got one!!

    Re: Hawk in Oz

    Here you go!

    1989 type I - F2 front end - Technoflex rear shock - K&N Filter - Dynojet kit - Braking Discs - Rizoma indicators - Rizoma mirrors - hiperform exhaust... hmmm what's next?!


      Nice lookin Hawk!


        nice, those twin headlights suit the Hawk well.
        '88 Bros NT650J
        Progressive fork springs, '93 CBR600 F2 fork caps, CBR900RR rear shock, Puig 'Raptor' fly screen
        Fabitappi Monoposto seat cover, Heated grips, Braided brake lines, Buell indicators/turn signals
        Ceramic coated stock headers with custom Yoshi shorty muffler & Muzzy collector


          I love those headlights. can you give us some details on what you used and how difficult it was to install??
          88 Honda Hawk
          2008 FJR1300


            Those look like the TWIN DOMINATOR STREETFIGHTER headlights. They are all over I just bought a chrome set. Waiting for them to come in. How do you like them? Just like sfd620 said :yeahthat:
            There are three kinds of people in this world, those who can count, and those who can't.


              Thanks for sorting that pixel375!

              And thanks for the positive comments from everyone else!

              I bought the lights from an Australian company AUSFR check them out here...

              was hard to find a set in black which i really wanted.

              I love them, much brighter than the old light that was on there, but it looked pretty old so the bulb was probably old school and could have been updated, but I wanted to update the lot.. give a fresh new look.

              I'm new to bikes (this is my first and I've only had her a few months) and new to mods so if it was simple for me to do, then I'm sure you could all do it with ease.

              When you take your old light off it will look quite scary cause all the cabling etc is stuffed in the back of your old headlight casing... but don't fret, you just need to plug the three wires in any away you go.. earth, power I'm guessing the last one controls high beam/parker.. I could be wrong but when you unplug your old one you will see which ones to use for the new unit.

              Any other concerns just look up one of the manuals that the guys have posted on here with all the wiring etc, I used that for my indicators (front ones have three cables not two).

              The hardest part is what to do with all that cabling.. I shortened mine and tidied it up, could have done a really clean job but wanted to leave a bit of length in case I want to go back to the old style again.

              But if you have any other questions feel free to ask, won't give you a techincal answer but I'll try and help!

              Loving riding so much, have just found a friend who is 1 street away would you believe with a 400 Bros.. what are the chances? the hawks/bros are rare as rocking horse poop around here!
              Finally got one!!