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    The Missing Link this may seem like a overly complicated solution to a simple problem, but ..I have been accused on occasion of being a bit "anal" so here it goes

    This is the assembly that i have machined to join my stock choke cable to the Jagwire Lightswitch (handlbar mounted shock lock out switch for a MTB)

    it allows me to join the two cables together with the set screw coupler, and use the barrel adjusters to give the proper tension, I will also be using 2 inline cable adjusters as well.....

    And here is the Jagwire assembly on a MTB HB of course it will be on the clutch side of the bars

    This should prove to be functional and well looking like it belongs
    Lord Squidward of FloriDUH

    Here it is all like a charm!!

    Lord Squidward of FloriDUH


      damb tj i hope my hawk is running so we can ride around thanksgiving time.

      my brother really wants me to bring the rc51 but i want to ride my hawk

      your bike is going to be something
      1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


        looks great...

        nice looking levers too.