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MY 1st Hawk and 1st Bike...

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    MY 1st Hawk and 1st Bike...

    First off, this forum is awesome! Thank you all for your help. From all the help I finally purchased my first bike and it is an 88 Hawk. Pics are below. I reposted this from my ADVICE 2... in general discussion, but was told to post here also.

    It's got 44,000 miles, but just had it's tune up, oil change, new tires, new fork seals, and a corbin seat. I purchased it for $2400 in the SF BAY AREA (aka; Marin County). Do you think it was a good deal?

    I also posted some pictures of what i would like to fix, any advice would be great. There is a small hole in the exhaust that (I think makes it back fire) I don't know if I should just plug it up (sauder) or just get a new one. Then there is also a little corrosion, any ideas how to get ride of it.

    Sorry for the spelling, I'm going fast and eager to hear your opinions and advice.

    Thanx all.

    '88 Hawk GT

    yeah thats a nice looking bike dude,
    mine was 2250 with 31k miles in san francisco so you got a decent deal.
    id just buy a new aftermarket exhaust
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    1988 Honda Hawk NT650 GT


      Hey Ab.

      The little hole is stock - just leave it like it is.
      Get rid of corrosion is a "handjob"
      Get some steal-polishing stuff out of your mothers/wifes kitchen and go for it!

      bye, Marcus
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        that`s one fine looking Hawk. it`s nice to see that there are still Hawks out there looking brand new
        What was the start of all this?
        When did the cogs of my Hawk begin to turn?
        Perhaps it is impossible to grasp the answer now,
        from deep within the flow of time...

        But, for a certainty, back then,
        I loved it so much, yet hated so many.
        I hurt others and was hurt myself...

        Yet even then, I rode like the wind,
        whilst my laughter echoed
        under cerulean skies...


          Congrats on the bike. Looks great. Your's is the first hawk other than mine that I have seen the corrosion like that on the side case. Although the rest of yours looks great ... mine ... not so much.

          The corrosion eats the shiny surface on the case and pits it. AFAIK there is no simple way to make it shiny and polished again with out a polishing wheel.

          before and after on mine

          The case looks worse in person, blotchy etc. I guess you could remove it and media blast it instead. I used several things on mine to get most of the junk off. Oddly enough what worked best for me was Marvel Mystery Oil although is a little messy. My plan with mine is to ebay a shinier one at some point and swap them out.


            Thank you all...I'm trying this next week sometime. I'll let you all know how it goes...
            '88 Hawk GT


              Looks good. I really like the Corbin seat with the Red.

              Is that a dent in the tank?

              Yep, that hole in the exhaust is stock.

              You could always powder coat your cases...
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                Yup thats a dent in the tank...the only major blemish and the light corrosion...
                '88 Hawk GT