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    One off Exhaust

    Saw this home made exhaust on ebay, looks like individual exhaust for each cylinder.
    I wonder if your rear end gets warm

    Honda BROS Hawk
    Unique Handmade system taken off an imported BROS
    Has exhaust route per cylinder
    Front cylinder exhaust uses the standard BROS down pipe and attaches to the subframe with custom bracket to where passenger footpegs bolt on.
    Now for the interesting one. Rear cylinder exhaust pipe 'pigtails' under the subframe and exits parallel with subframe. Again it attaches with custombracket to where passenger footpegs bolt on. Fitemt requires removal and relocation of the battery (see pic for alloy battery box), rear cyclinder coil and coolant header tank - can all be done as it came of a running bike!
    The subframe comes as part of the package with the battery box and extended battery leads to joinn to stock harness.
    Needs to be used with racing type seat - nc30 or mc21 could be used where the seat hump will accomodate the battery.
    The pipework is TIG welded extremely neatly. The rear pigtailpipe is a 'lobster back' work of art. The silencers (in name only) carry nice lapped welds but do very little silencing. The internal perf pipe is only about 20mm smaller OD than the silencer can - the can does very little work!
    I heard these pipes on the bike before I bought them and Thor, The God of Thunder made these - I can tell you. Shock AND Awe!
    Unique and if you fancy making you BROS into a bit of a track bike, like I did when I bought them ,they are just perfect.
    Please mail me with any questions and if you want any dimensions or other pictures.
    Cost me 200. Selling at half price and you couldn't get these made to this quality for 5x the price they are up for.
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    I've made two of those. The hardest part is ensuring that you get an equal travel on both cylinders...kinda looks a bit goofy with the one high and one low but there's not much of another way to do it (goofy in a cool sense of definition). Only real drawback is that carburetor sync becomes a LOT more crucial and it's a bit heavier.

    If any of you bums were closer I'd offer to build some of this stuff...
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