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    Single thumper

    scroll down the page once on this link
    "Life may begin at 40, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 150."

    • '88 in Candy Flair Blue + '90 in Italian Red
    • Ohlins Rear Shock
    • F2 front wheel
    • VFR750 rear wheel
    • Hiperform seat&headers
    • MSMotorsport Seat Cowl
    • Steve Lenac Tokico six pot caliper

    Liquid - tightness of Hawk frame

    Do you think the upper casting for the head tube seals off the side-beam of the frame? I wonder....... It might make a really trick place to put extra fuel if it is sealed up at the top. Of course, the holes on the inside the two frame members would need to be filled in. The petcock would need a machined boss to fit into, and the dip tube would need to be modified. At the top, the frames would need a tap each for a vent to the top of the tank....
    Any ideas out there? Going too far to get more gas?
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