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Blacked out the wheels

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    Blacked out the wheels

    I got a new tire yesterday for the rear and decided now was as good a time as ever to turn my wheels black. I used gloss black on them on top of gray primer and think it came out pretty nicely.

    The new rear tire is a Continental Contiforce SM. I'm sure it's also a product of having just balded the last one, but this one turns in much more quickly, and seems to grip well cold. I touched a toe down yesterday and it wasn't getting weird on me.
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    i gave my rims to the varnisher/painter.

    they primed, filled, painted and finished with several layers of clear varnish (satin).

    it looks quite similar to yours.


      uh oh! isaac, i just bought that same gas tank off the bay. well, at least you dont have a monster seat and vfr back/ f2 front wheels! also, it's a good thing we live on different corners of the country so even if we did match that closely it won't matter.
      nothing i dislike more than having the same gear as someone near me... clothes, shoes, bikes, etc. etc....
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        I just got that exact tank off ebay about three weeks ago, but dont worry I'm having mine color matched to the stock red. and my rims are also done in a gloss black. They look damn good that way.
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          nothing sexier than a deep gloss black -- yum.
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            yeah, gloss black rules.
            to start, im going to leave my tank in the black and blue factory F2 coating it comes from eBay as because it is supposedly in perfect condition. maybe if it gets damaged or i change my mind later i'll have it painted.
            also, as there will be nothing else on the bike to be painted (except for the front fender- gloss black), i figure leave the tank in it's original F2 paint job. i like the way it has that late 80's to mid 90's (at the latest) aesthetic. call it "bland fancy" if you will...
            im thinking about painting my subframe and fork lowers, though. kinda feel like a nice thick- you guessed it... glossy black will look hot there too.

            any suggestions?

            oh, and i feel as though doing anything to the frame would be sagrilegious. what are " y'alls " thoughts on that?!
            ride Red.