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Today I mostly drove a Traction engine

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  • Today I mostly drove a Traction engine

    Went to the Chipping Steam Fair and helped out a buddy with his steamer. 12 tons and flat out at 15mph. Everybody gives you respect on the road ☺️
    IMG_20220528_115708626_HDR.jpg IMG_20220528_115802551_HDR.jpg

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    It has been pointed out by a picky female that I didn't spend the whole day driving a traction engine but actually spent most of the day gossiping eating ice cream and drinking beer.

    Women always got to drag you back to reality


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      That thing is rad.

      What exactly is it?
      Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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        It's a steam engine - the original agricultural tractors.

        My Pop plays with those, part of an 'old threshers' club that pool their historic resources -- he runs the sawmill which is sometimes powered by a steam engine like this, although usually just from an old Farmall with a belt-drive.


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          That is awesome!
          Did you get the thing 'balls out' during your adventure?

          Most of the members around here know I own some prewar antique cars so I love old machinery like what you drove.
          That thing is an awesome beast.


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            According to Gibson the owner it's capable of 15mph but that would be terrifying and unless you were on an empty runway it wouldn't end well. It's got a parking brake but it doesn't work on the move the only way to stop is to put it in reverse and cross your fingers.


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              Originally Posted by 6
              That thing is rad.

              What exactly is it?
              It's a Traction engine or Road locomotive used for hauling heavy loads or acting as a power source for machinery like a stone breaking mill.

              Case were a big manufacturer of steam machines.