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Lane splitting in Japan

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    Lane splitting in Japan

    Here is a guy on a japanese highway lane splitting..
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    Part two

    Here is the next one. Is this guy is nuts or am I just old?
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      Pretty hairy but much FUN!!!
      Reminds me of rush hour through central London aka my daily commute some 3.5 yrs ago......
      His looks more fun though as he seems to get a nice 6th gear blast near the end of the film.
      Imagine that in London only with taxi's hell bent on trying to cut you up, blind pedestrians, myopic motorists and motorcycle couriers and other bikers all trying to get through town as fast as they can get.
      Every trafic light is a grand prix and on the busy routes you can end up with as many as 5-10 bikes at the lights all trying to beat each other!!

      Used to make me look forward to the ride home sometimes.
      Not that I believe him but one of my colleagues reckoned he once got from central London, Great Marlborough St to Maidstone, Kent in 20 minutes. A ride that goes from small city streets to A roads and ends up on Motorway. This was all at around 3am midweek and he reckons he was pulling 100+ on the Old Kent Rd. (for any of those that know London)...



        There's a good argument for owning a bike. You've gotta love the part where he got stuck in "traffic" behind one motorcycle that was barely outrunning the cages.

        That reminds me of when I rented a motorbike that I rode through Florence Italy to Pisa, around Pisa and back again. I learned very quickly that there were no observed traffic laws at all, and that, like Brewsy said, every light was a grand prix.

        At the start of it I had never ridden a motorcycle of any kind in my life. By six hours later I was a pro, cutting in and out and splitting lanes with the rest of them in downtown Florence. To this day neither my brother nor I have told our dad about that.

        That experience told me I was born to be a motorcyclist. Two years later, I finally convinced my brother to go in with me on a bike, and we bought our first one. We kept it a secret from our dad (we lived half an hour away) for almost a year before he found out. Good times.
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          That is an old video, there wasn't a car on the road newer than say 1988.
          That being said he is just NUTS, my nerves would be shot after a mile.


            Re: Part two

            Originally Posted by SharkMan
            Here is the next one. Is this guy is nuts or am I just old?
            NUTS!! I am going with Fricken CRAZY!!!
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              And this is from a guy who has been stoped by the police for driving on the sidewalk! Handicapped zone as well. No ticket long story...
              Any thing worth doing is worth overdoing.
              I'm not riding too fast, I'm flying too low...